7 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Soul

April 2, 2018

It’s that time of the year again. It’s springtime, but more specifically it is time for spring cleaning. After long months of being dormant, escaping the cold winter (and the occasional winter slumps), I am finally feeling the urge to clean and declutter my home from the winter season. Spring cleaning is a time of decluttering, organizing, and polishing our environment to bring freshness, clarity, and renewal into our home.

Let’s get one thing straight, my home isn’t the only thing that could use some spring cleaning after the cold season. In fact, there is no better time than now to do some decluttering and cleansing in all areas of my life: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is fascinating the association of how my external environment can be a direct reflection of my inner mental environment.

Here are 7 spring cleaning tips for the soul:

  1. If it doesn’t make you happy, it serves no purpose for you. A tip is to gather all things that seem unorganized and cluttered and throw it all into a pile. One by one, hold each item and decide if it truly makes you happy or if you can live without it. Simple.
  2. Social media is an area in my life that could use some decluttering. No, I am not suggesting that you should just delete your account because social media can harm your self-esteem. What I am saying is that you should be selective about the content you allow yourself to see daily. If you often find that you feel offended by what someone else posts, unfollow them. If you happen to feel bad about yourself whenever this gorgeous model posts a picture, unfollow her. It does no good for you to involve yourself in these situations. Another way to declutter your life in regard to social media is to limit your usage you spend online and spend more of that time in other areas that need attention.
  3. Meditation helps with mental clarity and seeing true perspectives. Mediation helps neutralize any problematic thoughts as well. Simple sit still in a quiet area, practice mindfulness while exerting breathing exercises.
  4. Make a list of all areas in your life that seem a little crazy. This could be relationships, rooms in your house, your health, etc. Meet with each individual item on your checklist and try to think of ways to improve these areas in your life. Maybe start by circling three priorities and cross off things you cannot control.
  5. Just like our homes and our mind, our bodies can use some cleansing as well. Try different methods of body detoxification. These practices can vary from working out and eating healthy, to detoxifying foot spas and organ cleanses.
  6. Cleansing yourself of negative words and thoughts is a huge step in the personal cleansing process, yet, it’s one of the most difficult steps. I don’t believe that if you work hard on not being judgmental or not gossiping, that eventually, all your thoughts will be perfect and pure. Negative thoughts always will float around, and gossiping can sometimes be very tempting. A more realistic approach is to just become aware of negative thoughts before they become words. If they are negative thoughts, try to not put much energy into them. I once was reading a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert who talks about thoughts as invisible beings. All thoughts want to be thought about and will go from person to person trying to find a home. If you choose to not welcome a thought, it continues to find another home. Let some thoughts pass if they do not serve you.
  7. Clear out emotional cobwebs. Toss out old grudges and other negative emotional ties. Nothing is more cleansing than forgiving and moving on. Another emotional cobweb to clear out is the feeling of guilt. Forgive yourself and try to correct any wrong you may have done so that you heal and move onward.

As spring brings freshness and renewal, harness this energy to promote positive change in your personal life. With this opportunity of rebirth and revision. We can work on becoming a better version of our self, year after year. Open your blinds and let the sunshine through your window and get to work! Give your mind, body, and soul a thorough spring cleaning.

Lastly, I just wanted to share this quote that I stumbled across.

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